ZOLLER Presetting and Measuring Machines

Why Inspect
and Measure Tools?

Create Top Tool Quality

Produce tools, which have real power – thanks to precision-tested cutting tool edges and optimal geometries.

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Document Top Tool Quality

Save measuring results in the database and document and issue in a detailed inspection report.

Creating Maximum Confidence

Only deliver the best quality – including the ZOLLER inspection report, on which your customers can rely.

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Make Short Work of Your
Quality Control


ZOLLER measuring and inspection machines work precisely, repeatable and independent of the user.

No matter whether you use standard or specialist tools, whether goods-in controls, production or end controls:  There is the right measuring and inspection machine for each area of use.  ZOLLER offers solutions from the simple and process-supporting inspection to the economic and fully automatic measuring of all tool parameters. For 100% perfect tools - always and everywhere.


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Each Tool, Each Parameter
Fully Automatic


Measuring is easy and safe with ZOLLER. With automatic solutions, tools are measured safely and accurately with a mouse click, user-independently and always the same. This applies to the inspection of complex geometries on threaded tools as much as to the high-precision measuring of cutting edge preparation or the recording of relevant data for the grinding program. All the results are seamlessly recorded and documented in detail.

Compact Solutions,

For all those that want to measure and inspect drills, cutters and counterbores quickly and simply in incident light, the »pom« inspection device for process-oriented measuring is the perfect solution.

It can be used flexibly in the grinding shop, in goods-in control or in the measuring laboratory. Insert tool, start, measure, done: And does this quite comfortably - with automatic edge detection for high accuracy, assistant-supported measuring procedures and inspection reports with a mouse click.


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Inspection & Measuring 4.0 in your Grinding Plant

With ZOLLER's inspection and measuring technology 4.0 solutions you are optimally positioned for the networked future, the Smart Factory. From incoming inspection through production to final inspection, ZOLLER offers the perfect solution for inspecting and measuring tools, including storage systems and automation concepts — networked via the central z.One database.


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For Seamless Processes

100% checks, traceability and product safety are increasingly the standard for grinding and sharping companies and for tool manufacturers. Safe and seamless processes are guaranteed with ZOLLER - for ZOLLER measuring and presetting machines can transfer the tool to target-actual data without paper. ZOLLER offers the corresponding interface to almost all systems involved in the grinding process, for example GDX 2.0, NUMROTO, Anca, MTS.


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