Clever cooperation

ZOLLER cooperates with partners
to provide the best solutions for customer needs.

A+B Solutions GmbH

A+B Solutions was created out of the dissolution of the former A+B Systems GmbH and thus has more than 35 years of experience and broad expertise in the planning and integration of solutions for production data processing and management. As a solution partner to leading providers including Siemens PLM Software, A+B Solutions is able to offer its clients end-to-end solutions: from consulting, to planning and budgeting, all the way to systems integration and service.

FIT features interfaces to a wide range of applications and, as a central hub, generates an end-to-end, uniform data structure for all data related to development, orders and production. A+B Solutions is development partner from ZOLLER for the connection between our systems and Siemens NX and Teamcenter.


With over 50 years experience in sensors, Balluff GmbH is today one of the most capable and worldwide leading manufacturers of sensor technology for industrial automation. Advanced technology and the latest electronics – tested extensively in the own certified laboratory - application-specific customer solutions as well as individual consultancy and first class service are the dominant characteristics of the Neuhausen a. d. F-based company near Stuttgart with its 2.050 committed employees at home and abroad.

Balluff and ZOLLER cooperate in the field of tool data transfer via tool coding and tool identification.

Camaix GmbH

The company Camaix deals with services in the areas of mold design, engineering, vehicle manufacturing. Particularly in recent years, Camaix was engaged in aerospace engineering, in complex 5-axis and 6-axis machining and developed customized solutions.

The simple and easy to operate ESPRIT CAM interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions enables the programming with current tool geometries of assembled tools and the usage of this data for a simulation and collision control in Mastercam.


CAMTECH is „Strategic Reseller“ of Edgecam in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, headquartered in Remscheid, and offers complete solutions from design to production. Many years of experience in the fields of machine building and tool and mold making make CAMTECH a partner well aware of local needs and problems, who services customers directly through certified dealers.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer a webbased interface which transfers the recorded tool data directly to the EdgeCAM data base.


Delcam is the leading developer and supplier of CADCAM software for the 3 dimensional design, manufacture and inspection of complex shapes for the manufacturing industry. Today, Delcam ist he largest developper of CAD/CAM software in Great Britain, and has representations in North America, Europe and Asia. Delcam products include among others the world wide leading CAM software PowerMILL.

Via the PowerMILL interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions, you have a comfortable access to the extensive ZOLLER database.


ESPRIT is a powerful, full-spectrum CAM system for CNC programming, optimization, and simulation — supporting the entire manufacturing process from CAD file to machined part. With factory-certified post processors delivering machine-optimized G-code and ESPRIT's ability to solve unique challenges with automation solutions built using the software's API, ESPRIT is the smart manufacturing solution for any machining application.
Programmers are now able to access ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions to search for, create, manage and store tools to be loaded directly into ESPRIT from a central database that provides a clear overview of available tooling. Designed for ease of use in data transfer between the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions database and ESPRIT CAM system, this new add-in makes it easy to create and manage tools.


Since the founding in 1982, Gibbs has been a leader in providing cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology while maintaining its signature ease-of-use and productivity increasing qualities.

Due to the ZOLLER interface to the CAM system VirtualGibbs / GibbsCAM, your tools can be generated centrally and only one time.


Hermle processing centers serve the rational machining of tools, molds and serial parts. Due to their quality and high precision they are used in countless manufacturing areas, especially in demanding sectors of industry such as medical engineering, the optical industry, the aerospace and automotive industries, tool and mold building, as well as their suppliers.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines can be fitted with an interface for Hermle processing centers as an option.


Ingersoll develops and manufactures standard and special tools fitted with reversible plates for metal cutting. The tools are used worldwide, including the automotive and machine building industries. In addition to the standard program,
Ingersoll develops and plans advanced solutions according to customer requirements.

In cooperation with Ingersoll, ZOLLER has, among other things, developed a novel concept for workshop-adequate testing and measuring of hob cutters and form milling cutters fitted with reversible plates.


With innovative tool concepts and overall solutions for drill machining, the KOMET CERATIZIT GROUP is a worldwide leader in technology. In specific, KOMET customers appreciate the future-oriented services, the unique technical support, the practice-oriented professional seminars and premium tools for drills, reamers and threads.

ZOLLER offers the solution for presetting and measuring tools of the KOMET CERATIZIT GROUP.

Kromi Logo


KROMI Logistik AG offers manufacturing companies complete outsourcing of the supply of precision tools. The focus is on technically demanding cutting tools for metal and plastic processing.

The TMS Tool Management Solutions SILVER package includes the interface to KROMI.


MAKINO is recognized as one of the leading technology and service providers in the machine tool industry. The product range includes machining centers for parts manufacturing as well as for tool and die making with a wide range of applications in aerospace, automotive, agricultural and construction machinery, general engineering and microtechnology.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring devices have an optional interface to MAKINO machining centers.

moldtech Logo

MOLDTECH CAD-CAM Systeme Vertriebs GmbH

Based on the CAD / CAM - TopSolid product range, MOLDTECH offers solutions for the machining industry. With services related to the TopSolid product range, Moldtech assists the user to make demanding design and manufacturing tasks faster and more effective.

The easy and intuitive TopSolid'Cam interface to ZOLLER tool management enables you to program in TopSolid'Cam with current tool geometries of the assembled tools and to use the data for simulation and collision control.


MTS AG develops and sells software for CNC grinding machines worldwide. The product "tool-kit PROFESSIONAL" is known worldwide as the software for professionals for the production and re-sharpening of simple to complex workpieces.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to the tool grinding machines equipped with the MTS software solution.


NUM manufactures CNC controls and matching software solutions. In the field of tool grinding NUM is the market leader with their software NUMROTOplus.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to the tool grinding machines equipped with NUMROTOplus software solutions.


Okuma is a leading supplier of innovative tool machines with a broad and impressive product portfolio. This includes high precision and robust NC turning machines, multifunction machines and machining centers, all equipped with exceptional OSP control.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to Okuma tool machines as an option.

Open Mind

OPEN MIND Technologies AG develops and distributes innovative CAM / CAD solutions that generate based on digital models optimal NC milling and turning programs for machine tools. Manufacturers from different industries around the globe decide for OPEN MIND products because they manufacture so economically and efficiently with them. OPEN MIND products create models, prototypes, tools, molds, prismatic components, integral components and more in stunning quality.

Via the hyperMILL® interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions you have a comfortable access to the extensive ZOLLER database.


Since more than 30 years, OPUS® provides task-oriented solutions for CAM, MDE, and DNC. More than 4000 installations in almost 1000 companies speak for themselves. OPUS® is adapted exactly to the requirements of the production and developped together with the users.

The intuitive to operate OPUS® interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions enables the easy data transfer between the ZOLLER database and the OPUS CAM system.


Saacke, an innovative family-run company with 100 years of tradition, sets worldwide trends in the areas of tool grinding machines as well as toothing and profile tools.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to Saacke tool grinding machines as an option.

Soflex Fertigungssteuerungs-GmbH

Soflex introduced the first flexible manufacturing systems in Germany and have been involved from the very beginning as a spin-off of the university of Stuttgart in this exciting and challenging industrial sector. Since 1984, production control systems have been our core area of expertise. They benefit from valuable input from a broad network with universities and colleges.

The ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine includes an interface to Soflex, so that design contracts can be transferred to the ZOLLER device. Moreover, with the ZOLLER-Soflex-PCS interface tool requirements lists can be requested fully automatically and directly transferred to Sofley-PCS software without any programming efforts after having been set and measured at the ZOLLER measuring machine.

Tebis AG

Tebis is a global market and technology leader in the CAD/CAM and MES sector. With Tebis, customers design, plan and manufacture models, molds and components efficiently, reliably and in the highest quality. Teams of experienced consulting and implementation specialists develop strategies for efficient and reliable CAD/CAM processes and implement these at customer facilities, ensuring a viable technology and competitive advantage.The company is headquartered in Martinsried/Munich, Germany, and has nine subsidiary offices around the world as well as distributors in eight additional countries.For over 30 years, automation has been a key factor in Tebis' formula for success. Tebis views itself as an innovator for its customers in terms of Industry 4.0.

The easy-to-use and intuitive Tebis interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions enables simple data transfer of tool data and setup sheets, including individual components and complete tools, between the ZOLLER z.One tool database and the Tebis CAM system.


With 14 locations, the Vollmer Group is successful worldwide in production and service as a specialist for tool machining with its extensive machine program. The product program of the technology leader includes state-of-the-art grinding, eroding and processing machines for rotary tools, circular saws and band saws for the wood and metal processing industry.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines – perfectly linked to Vollmer grinding machines via an interface.

AGMA – American Gear Manufacturers Association

Description: The AGMA is “the global network for technical standards, education, and business information for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of mechanical power transmission components”, and is comprised of 495 members spanning across more than 30 countries worldwide.

Why this is Important to ZOLLER Inc.: The AGMA provides a place for consumers, educators, manufacturers and suppliers alike to come together and discuss challenges and ongoing projects and find creative solutions to complex challenges. ZOLLER Inc. is afforded, through its membership in AGMA, the unique opportunity to greet these challenges head on and help shape the gear manufacturing industry. Product Manager for Inspection Machines Werner Lueken is an active member of the Cutting Tools committee, a committee which works on national cutting tool standards for gear cutting. Presently Lueken is the only Metrology expert on the committee, bringing a unique knowledge base to the group. Other members have other areas of expertise, and the collaboration provides tremendous knowledge in many areas of gear manufacturing. Associations like AGMA are an excellent place for all facets of the gear manufacturing industry to come together, learn from one another and help tackle the difficult challenges facing gear cutting, and manufacturing as a whole, today. 

Website: www.agma.org

Automation Alley

Description: Automation Alley is a nonprofit manufacturing and technology business association and Michigan's Industry 4.0 knowledge center, with a global outlook and a regional focus. We connect industry, academia and government to fuel Michigan's economy and accelerate innovation. We offer programs and services in business growth, entrepreneurship, talent development, defense and international business, providing resources and knowledge to help our members grow and prosper in the digital age.

Why this is Important to ZOLLER Inc.: ZOLLER Inc.’s membership in automation alley aligns us with the leading automation experts to continue developing our automation and industry 4.0 solutions in an increasingly automation-centric age. By joining Automation Alley, ZOLLER has the unique opportunity to connect with local businesses in various fields and continue discover new ways to achieve more by using less: Something we pride ourselves on providing to our customers every day.

Website: www.automationalley.com

Canadian Machine Tool Distributors Association

Description: The Canadian Tool Distributors Association’s primary purposes are to promote friendly business relations among members, provide means to address industry challenges in a cooperative environment, to stimulate growth in the machine tool market, to offer better service in the machine tool industry, to promote the advantages gained through utilizing machine tools, to assist members and users with selecting the right machine tool for their needs, collecting and analyzing market data, reducing distribution costs and minimizing waste, and to provide, when necessary, a platform for members of CMTDA to discuss with governmental authorities on problems relating to the machine tool industry.

Why this is Important to ZOLLER Inc.: ZOLLER Inc. has many customers in Canada using ZOLLER products. Membership in the CMTDA affords ZOLLER the opportunity to tie themselves into the fabric of the machine tool world. The idea that tool presetting and measuring machines should go hand-in-hand with all machine tools is one that ZOLLER firmly believes in, and thanks to CMTDA, ZOLLER can be a part of those conversations to not only help consumers find the right machine tool, but to find the right solutions that surround that machine tool to ensure that customers can remain competitive on price, accurate in production, and efficient in their processes.

Website: www.cmtda.com

IFSA – International Surface Fabricators Association

Description: The mission of the International Surface Fabricators Association is to “help ISFA members become more profitable in their businesses by:

  • Promoting our members and the products and services they offer,
  • Educating our members to help them become better craftsmen and strong business leaders, and
  • Improving the industry through standards, professionalism and honesty.
  • ISFA fulfills its Mission Statement through a host of initiatives for both Fabricator and Associate members. ISFA website, ‘Mission, Vision and Values’

Why this is Important to ZOLLER Inc.: ZOLLER Inc. has been working increasingly closely with companies in the stone cutting and surface fabricating industry. Being a member of the ISFA allows ZOLLER to help illustrate how ZOLLER’s precision in measuring and setting tools, in particular grinding wheels, can help companies cut more accurately, in a process reliable way, giving them a better finish each time. The ISFA lets ZOLLER learn from industry conversations to continue to develop solutions for an ever changing industry.

Website: www.isfanow.org


Description: The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development’s mission is to “develop and apply advanced metals manufacturing technologies and processes for industrial competitive advantage and academic growth, while inspiring and educating the next generation’s manufacturing workforce." OMIC R&D website ‘Our Mission’

Why this is Important to ZOLLER Inc.: OMIC R&D works with educators and industry-leading companies to solve extremely complex challenges that face the manufacturing industry today. The Pacific Northwest is a manufacturing hub for high-tech companies, and as a member of OMIC R&D, ZOLLER will continue to be aware of the latest innovations and technology and will continue to adapt to help companies in the Pacific Northwest and all over the world make their manufacturing processes more accurate and more efficient. In a constant-change industry like manufacturing, ZOLLER relies on membership in groups like OMIC to see the latest challenges and problems, so that we can adapt our solutions to help solve these real-world problems for all manufacturing companies.

Website:  www.omic.us

OPC Foundation

Description: OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. The OPC Foundation is responsible for the development and maintenance of this standard. The OPC standard is a series of specifications developed by industry vendors, end-users and software developers. These specifications define the interface between Clients and Servers, as well as Servers and Servers, including access to real-time data, monitoring of alarms and events, access to historical data and other applications. Information from OPC Foundation

Why this is Important to ZOLLER Inc.: At ZOLLER, we have put an emphasis on in-house software development to increase our communication abilities across our various solutions, as well as to customer’s existing machines and processes. The standard that OPC has set in place has been developed by vendors, end-users and software developers – ZOLLER is proud to be involved, both as an end-user of these standards and as a developer to help contribute to the initiative of seamless data and information transfer for the manufacturing industry. This open communication of data is a principle which is critical to the success of ZOLLER, and to the success of the manufacturing industry, as we venture forward into Industry 4.0 and beyond.