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ZOLLER Inc. Joins OMIC R&D  

ZOLLER Inc. is proud to announce its membership in the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D). OMIC R&D is an innovation research collaborative established by Boeing to help bring manufacturing companies and higher education together to solve advanced manufacturing challenges facing the industry today and in the future.

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How Automated Tool Management Increases Shop Productivity 

In high speed, tight tolerance machining operations, eliminating the potential for human error can be a competitive advantage in an increasingly rigid marketplace.

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Family Owned Globally Driven 

ZOLLER Inc. combines hardware, software and services to create optimal system solutions for presetting, measuring, inspection, and management of tools.

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Machine Presets and Measures Multiple Tools 

Zoller’s Venturion 450 is a presetting and measuring machine for tools. It has a functional design of operating elements and an ergonomically designed separate cockpit operating unit.

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EMO 2017: Presetting, easuring Machine Works in Digital, Networked Environments (MMS) 

Zoller will showcase its Venturion presetting and measuring machine, which is designed for process reliability in a digital, networked environment and is also of fered with BIS-V RFID technology for data transfer to the machine. The machine’s modular Pilot 3.0 software is designed to measure and set any type of tool, and its tool management solution facilitates tool data management, storage location management and communication with external systems.

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