ZOLLER Presetting and Measuring Machines

Basis for Seamless Processes

The demands on grinding and sharpening companies and on tool manufacturers are growing: 100% checks, traceability and process safety are becoming the standard.

With ZOLLER, the tool target-actual data is transmitted securely and paper-free and tools are fully measured without additional programming. ZOLLER offers the corresponding interface to almost all systems involved in the grinding process. For example, the general interface GDX 2.0 / 2.1 and NUMROTO, and thus to many grinding machine manufacturers such as ANCA, SCHÜTTE, SAACKE, ISOG,  WALTER, ROLLOMATIC, VOLLMER and many more.

Automatic Data Exchange with NUMROTO

The NUM interface is the proven secure connection between the »genius 3« universal measuring machine and grinding machines. As a result, programming, the CNC grinding machine, and the ZOLLER measuring machine work through a network connection

Tool data on grinding, measuring, and inspections is available on all stations of the production process – automatically and simultaneously, without manual re-entry or transcription errors. Allows Grinding and Sharpening Companies and Tool Manufacturers to fully automate their grinding processes and work with uniform data – from programming the grinding machine controller to the test report.

With GDX From the Measuring Machine to the Grinding Machine

The open, general data interface GDX (Grinding Data Exchange) for the design and manufacture of precision tools serves the control-related data exchange to all well-known grinding machine manufacturers.

Programming software, grinding machines and ZOLLER measuring machines can thus communicate with each other - thanks to the standardized GDX data structure. The GDX file includes the geometry data for the grinding discs, the tool and the blank, as well as the measuring instructions.