Star Cutter Co.: In-Process Inspection Saves Powertrain Time

Northern Tool, a division of Star Cutter Co. (Farmington Hills, MI), is well-known for designing and producingspecial carbide cutting tools—often for automotive powertrain production—that accomplish more than one cutting operation in a single pass. With its CNC tool grinders, OD grinders, roughing OD grinders, and edge prep machines, plus blank prep machines and a cutoff and laser-etching machine, the company produces carbide drills, reamers, end mills, and form tools.

An investment in in-process tool measurement devices from Zoller Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI) has enabled Northern Tool to achieve up to 90% savings in the time it takes to inspect the complex tools it makes compared to the previous optical comparator inspection. With Zoller in-process inspection, the toolmaker can assure a correct grinding process before production fully ramps up and guarantee the tools are ground as-designed or can even detect if a tool may not operate as intended.