Tool Life Data at your Fingertips

The TMS Tool Management Solutions GOLD app enables data sharing via a W-LAN network across your company for optimal tool and storage location management, as well as tool service life and order management. You can also receive all the necessary information such as the standard order numbers, supplier details and the current pricing of the tools within the ordering system. The tool life management program also allows you to enter and analyze tool life.



  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with charts, part and accessory lists and parameter tables
  • Storage location management with graphical display of the store and warehouse bookings
  • Tool life management for input and analysis of tool lives
  • Code scanner for identifying and displaying data from the real tool

Tool Monitoring »flash« (optional)

The ZOLLER analysis software »flash« facilitates effective tool management and economic organization of cutting tools. By communicating with the CNC machine, »flash« regularly and fully automatically checks the current tool life of the tools and highlights their status in color. Tools that have to be replaced because of their tool life can therefore be commissioned in advance, assembled and preset. This prevents quality losses, tool breakage and machine downtime.



  • Full use of the tool until the tool life limit is reached
  • Eliminates machine downtimes and increases operational efficiency through "just-in-time" tool changes
  • Enormous cost savings with respect to the variable "tool"

Parts Management

The software module Component Management gives you an optimum overview of your components and products. You can manage individual parts and assembly groups and document all the tooling data sheets with the required tools. Furthermore, this module offers additional information such as the production times and current inventory levels for the necessary tools.



  • Central database for all tool data
  • Transparency across the production process and the required tools
  • Simple data retention

Order Management

Profit from practical and reliable order management with this software module. Only order the items that are actually needed in production. Optimizing the purchasing processes, you enables you to lower your storage costs and avoid downtime due to missing items. This in turn reduces your tooling and order overhead. Linking order storage management makes it possible to analyze minimum stock underruns and to generate RFQ’ s proposals fully automatically.



  • Reliable execution of orders on the basis of min/max stock or order requirements.
  • Automatic generation of order requests/RFQ’s
  • Time and cost savings through optimized organization and transparency of your tooling stock levels
  • Automatic posting  of the tool delivery to the corresponding cost center

»cetus« Tool Requirements Optimization

»cetus« tool requirement optimization creates the complete allocation plan for your CNC machines and calculates the net tool requirement for each individual machine on the basis of the booked setup sheets. Based on the order list from the TMS module, in tool assembly you always see the calculated, machine-based tool requirement. After removal from storage and fitting, the tool information is sent directly to the presetting and measuring machine, the tools are measured and the ACTUAL data is sent to the machine controls. »cetus« supports the use of smaller tool magazines, thereby reducing the tool requirement and the costs.



  • Optimized magazine allocation thanks to realtime real-time information
  • Shorter fitting times
  • Reliable and economic provision of your tools

Statistics Module

You can use this software module for various graphical evaluation and management of measured values and data records over any chosen time period. The representation of all the measuring statistics of a tool are presented in a clear treeview diagram. The usage lists for the individual tools are automatically saved in the system. You can document the utilization areas of the tools at any time. A Hit-Flop list allows you to analyze inventory transactions and receipts in terms of costs and usages, allowing you to accurately analyze and optimize tool inventory.



  • Quick overview of measured values and measuring runs
  •  Verification of tool use
  • Support for quality control in the production process

Tool Life Management

This software module which features an integrated statistics function, enables optimal tool monitoring and saving of  the reasons for tool changes. A process-specific configuration is also possible for an optimum capacity utilization of the machine run time. The statistics function graphically displays the tool life and the reasons for changes to the individual tool stages and records these clearly for a quick overview.



  • Optimal capacity utilization of the machine run time
  • Prevention of expensive part rejects
  • Full tool life and cost control
  • Optimal too use

Regrinding Process

This software function expands the storage module of the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions with a regrinding process for your stored tools. Profit from transparent management of the regrinding process: Delivery notes and orders can be printed out and the interaction with your order management and inventory system guarantees a seamless process.



  • Transparency throughout the entire tool regrinding cycle
  • Recording of regrinding costs

Cost Per Part (optional)

A CPP analysis allows for a comparison between the budgeted and actual costs per part, and an analysis of tool life and tooling change reasons allows for decisions to be made on the quality of tools and processes. The CPP module calculates two different figures: The budgets CPPs are compared to the actual CPPs. The definitions of tool life and quantities, as well as purchase prices, the number and costs for the regrinding processes, are included in the calculations.



  • Full costs control, transparency and efficiency