Data import/export

Import and export tools, single components, setup sheets, accessories, machine data, and more between individual ZOLLER products. Using reading filters, data can be imported independent of parameter, and exported using post-processors.


Your benefits:

  • Optional connection to third-party systems
  • Process security
  • Easy and quick handling thanks to simple structures

Catalog Import of Tool Data

Imported tool data from many well-known manufacturers and cloud-based service providers (e.g. CIMSOURCE and GTDE) can thus can provide 2D/3D graphics, parameter tables and technology data so quickly. The tool data can be supplemented at any time and immediately provided by an expert. Using the web service, third-party applications on the shared database can be accessed and, for example, newly compiled setup sheets can be imported.

Import Option Cloud

Your tool data are imported into TMS Tool Management Solutions from the clouds of suppliers such as ToolsUnited, NOVO, Machining Cloud, Hoffmann, EWS and others with a single click thanks to the import option. Depending on which system you are using, entire assembly groups can be imported alongside 2D/3D graphics, parameter tables and technology data for single components.


Your benefits:

  • Loading instead of typing
  • Maximum product safety
  • Maximum productivity

KROMI Interface

The TMS Tool Management Solutions SILVER package includes the interface to KROMI. This allows you the fully automatic data transfer of single components from the KROMI system - all data for the tools provided by KROMI are available for further steps in the TMS Tool Management Solutions.



  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with charts, part and accessory lists and parameter tables
  • Code scanner for identifying and displaying data from the real tool

Single Component Management

The software module for details creation of single components creates a future-proof IoT basis for tool management.

 Create detailed data:

  • DIN 4000/4003/ISO 13399 parameterization
  • Technological data (cutting parameters)
  • Graphic component representation
    • 2D and 3D generation according to DIN 4000 and ISO 13399
    • Import of 2D formats DXF/DWG/BMP/TIF/JPG/GIF/PNG
    • Import of 3D formats STEP/STL
  • Detail data (e.g. cutting edge material)

Managing Complete Tools

Based on the single components, the function “Tool management” offers graphic and parameterized tool assembly according to the actual tools available. In addition, correct tool assembly is ensured according to the parts list / component definition.

This module offers a variety of options:

  • Manging accessories and parts lists
  • Creating where-used lists for single components and complete tools
  • Supported 2D formats: DXF/DWG/BMP/TIF/JPG/GIF/PNG
  • Supported 3D formats: STEP/STL
  • Automatically generates drawings from single components from the parts list (DXF with connection points)

Managing Setup Sheets

Setup sheets give the user a list of information and operating materials required for a job. These can be forwarded directly to the warehouse, to the CAD/CAM station or to the machine and user.

Technology data and characteristics

The module Technology data and characteristics serves the central and intelligent management of single component and complete tools.
You can categorize your tools appropriately, optimize their use and save cutting parameters. Managing only one database saves time and costs.


Your benefits:

  • Reliability through uniform data use
  • Time and costs cavings by managing only one database

Parameter tables according to DIN 4000

Using the entire DIN 4000 parameter table structure, you can define your single components according to the standard. This guarantees seamless information sharing with third-party systems such as CAD/CAM and NC simulation systems. This uniform, standardized database is the basis for automatic tool data import.


Your benefits:

  • Time-saving through automatic tool data import
  • Reliability by avoiding errors

Automatic Generation of the Sleeve Contours From Parameters

As a result of the feature structure based on DIN 4000, 2D drawings and 3D contours can be generated automatically from the features input or imported in the ZOLLER tool management. Changes to your tools (e.g. programming length) are automatically implemented in the drawings. The 3D contours can be exported and also provided to CAD/CAM and simulations systems for collision control.


Your benefits:

  • Fast and reliable tool assembly based on the tool drawing
  • Collision control
  • Time-savings and reliability

Measuring device integration

The BRONZE package includes the integration of a ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine. This allows you to use all the functionalities of the TMS Tool Management Solutions software packages on your ZOLLER machine.

USB Camera

The ZOLLER USB camera can be operated quickly and easily and takes tool photos directly at the workplace with freely selectable image details.

Your benefits:

  • Time-saving through fast, simple documentation of the tool stock
  • Visualization possible at all workstations


The ZOLLER WebService forms the communication tool between the ZOLLER database with all interfaces in the network based on http!


Your benefits:

  • Increased efficiency through fast and individual access to tool data
  • Central tool data organization, duplicate data retention no longer necessary
  • A leading database, no information redundancies, no maintenance work

Tool Data at your Fingertips

With the TMS Tool Management Solutions BRONZE App, you always have your important tool information with you, and you can share this data simultaneously with your colleagues. You can use the TMS Tool Management Solutions BRONZE App to access every tool, including parts lists, accessories lists and parameter tables at any time via the WLAN network.



  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with charts, part and accessory lists and parameter tables
  • Code scanner for identifying and displaying data from the real tool