ZOLLER Presetting and Measuring Machines

RFID Technology

The Fast Way
for Tool Identification and Data Transmission

Simply, quickly and securely
to the machine


This solution is ideal in particular for large companies with a modern machine plant. The RFID chip is written on the presetting and measuring machine and automatically read by the tool machine. Writable data are:

  • Geometry data (actual tool data)
  • Type number
  • IKZ
  • Subboard observation
  • Tool life
  • and more

Automatic read/write station

This variant of tool identification automatically describes the tool at the click of a button while it is in the spindle of the encoder.

Manual read/write station »msle«


The tool can be written and read both inside the spindle and outside the machine using the manual device.

Manual read/write station »mslz«


The third RFID variant can be placed either on the cockpit or on the measuring device.