Warehouse Interfaces

The SILVER package includes interfaces to ZOLLER Smart Cabinets, as well as to tool cabinets from third-party providers. With these interfaces, the various systems can be called up directly from the TMS Tool Management Solutions.



  • »toolOrganizer«
  • »keeper«
  • »twister«
  • Third-party providers such as BCS Bamberger, Bedrunka+Hirth, Achterberg Toolbase, Gühring-Schranksysteme, Hänel, Kardex, Klingeisen, Lista LEC, LTG/Modula, and StoretecStoreManager

Warehouse Management to go

With the TMS Tool Management Solutions SILVER-App, you have tool and storage location management in your production with you always, no matter where you are in the WLAN network and you can use it simultaneously with your colleagues. Access every tool, including parts lists, accessories lists and parameter tables at any time from any mobile device. With SILVER, you always have your important tool information with you. Thanks to the storage location management and the graphical display, you always know where your tools are and you can even make stock item entries.



  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with parts and accessories lists and parameter tables
  • Storage location management with graphical display
  • Code scanner for identifying and displaying data from real tools

Storage Location Management

With the storage location management module, you always have your complete tools, your single components and your accessories in sight. Storage location management includes a virtual 3D assembly kit, with which you can represent your storage options easily and quickly in three dimensions and assign the items to a virtual storage location. Each entered item can be managed in terms of stock, so that you have a quick overview of the storage location, the circulation and the current stock. External storage and lift systems can also be considered in storage location management via additional interfaces.



  • Fast storage overview
  • Time-saving by omitting searches and shortening paths
  • 24-hour tool availability
  • Reduction of tool costs

»quickPick« Warehouse Management

»quickPick« warehouse management impresses with its simple user interface for easily and quickly obtaining single components, complete tools, inspection materials, equipment, orders and accessories. Warehouse bookings can be completed in just a few clicks. External storage and lift systems can also be considered in »quickPick« warehouse management via additional interfaces.



  • Inventory management of all equipment
  • Simple handling, no training required
  • Reduction in search times

Inspection Equipment Management

This module manages all your measuring and inspection equipment for the setup sheet and monitors calibration intervals. Inspection reports are supplemented with informative charts and improve the checks of the measurement instruments. The record can be saved for the measurement instrument as required. In combination with storage management, the measurement instruments can be allocated to storage locations and managed graphically.

Device Management

This module is used for chronological management of your devices for the setup sheet and saves picture information and fitting instructions. Device variants are managed as parts list information. In combination with storage management, the devices are allocated to storage locations and managed graphically.

NC Program Management

This Module offers simple management of your NC programs in the ZOLLER database for the setup sheet and allows the option of saving various program versions (version management). Information such as stretch sketches, tool drawings and the volume model are saved for the NC program. A standard viewer is integrated into the NC program management. Additional option: Integration of an external viewer.

Item Statistics

Analyzing your tool movements and creating transparency in production is a necessity for companies that want to utilize potential areas of cost optimization. With Item Statistics, ZOLLER provides an overview of the current costs scenario for your tools and the distribution of your consumption in the individual cost centers.