Inspection Machine »mμFocus«

Precise measurement of cutting edge preparation and surface finish

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ZOLLER Presetting and Measuring Machines
  • 2 in 1 
    Measurment of Cutting Edge Preparation and Surface Finish
  • Refined
    High-precision evaluation of areas and lines
  • User-friendly
  • Low training effort thanks to simple operation
    Fast and precise
    High-performance optics and "pilot" image processing
  • Robust
  • Workshop-ready design and alloy
  • Process reliability
    Intelligent software and highest security standards
  • Ergonomic
    Sophisticated, functional design
  • Economic
    Premium quality at best price-performance ratio

2 in 1: digitize and measure cutting edge rounding and surfaces thanks to confocal microscope

Brilliant: the cutting display including intelligent illumination

Clearly arranged: all evaluations and diagrams at a glance

DIN-compliant: standard-compliant evaluation of surfaces and corresponding diagrams

Flexible: »pilot« provides evaluations for all cutting edge shapes

User-friendly: the »pilot« software guides you safely through the measurement process

Measure rounding, roughness, wear and chipping

Measure rounding, roughness, wear and chipping

Measure rounding, roughness, wear and chipping

Measure rounding, roughness, wear and chipping

Modern design and even more features: The software for all-inclusive tool measurement

»pilot 4.0«
  • Graphic rich, self-explanatory user interface
  • All features are easily accessable
  • Large click and touch areas
  • Photorealistic input interface
  • Dynamic crosshairs
  • Self-explanatory function keys
  • Automatic cutting edge shape recognition
  • Automatic zero point monitoring
  • Clear and precise cutting edge display and inspection
  • Tool and adapter management
  • Tool identification
  • Test report output
  • Data transfer to the machine tool and interfaces to external systems

    and many other functions and options
»mμFocus« Features Symbol Z axis AA* Measuring principle Smallest measurable radius Numerical aperture
»zep« Sensor to measure cutting edge geometry blue 300 mm 30 mm Strip projection 3 µm -
»zep-R« Sensor for measuring 3D cutting edge geometry and surface roughness yellow 300 mm 20 mm Confocal microscope 3 µm** 0,42 mm
Note: *AA=AA describes the smallest distance between the lens and the measured object. **Values for 20x lens; values for 50x lens: 1.4 µm.

Focused on Perfection

You want to produce the perfect cutting edge – one that ensures a long tool life, minimal wear, optimal chip formation, and precision workpiece processing, thereby significantly lowering costs for production.

Achieve your goals with high-precision tool geometry and optimal surface textures customized to your specific application. If you want to ensure exact, standardized quality in your tool development, then the ZOLLER »mμFocus« inspection machine is the right choice for your needs. 

»mµFocus« uses non-contact measurement procedures to determine the surface roughness and cutting edge prepara-tion of your tool, down to the µm. Use the ZOLLER »mμFocus« to create fully optimized tools.

Proud of »mμFocus«

“For me, to assembly a »mµFocus« is something special every single time. The machine combines two different characteristics you would not necessarily expect to go together: Although it is extremely heavy with a massive weight of 200 kilograms, it offers highly precise measuring technology that measures exactly, down to the µm. I install top-quality sensors and many other elements using modern technolo- gy into »mµFocus« machines. I am very proud that installing the »mµFocus« is one of my duties.

I can promise you one thing: The »mµFocus« is a seriously high-tech machine you can use to easily measure cutting edges and surfaces with outstanding precision.” says Markus Müllner, Measuring Technology Fitter at ZOLLER.

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