Image Processing Software for »pom« Inspection Machines

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pomSoft pomBasic ZOLLER
  • Specialized
    Numerous measuring and analysis algorithms for tools
  • Suitable for the shop floor
    For measuring on the shop floor directly next to the machine or in the measuring laboratory
  • Attractive
    Simple-to-use graphical user interface
  • Quick
    Manual, touchless and magnification-less measuring at high measuring speed
  • Sharp
    Luminous, guaranteed sharp cutting edge patterns thanks to automatic light controls, high-contrast lighting and high-resolution camera systems
  • Reproducible
    Repeatable results, extensive documentation

Complete view of the tool face

Automatic edge detection

High-resolution detailed views

Assistant-supported operation

Measuring on the circumference

Modular user interface

Overlaying representation

Inspection reports with a mouse click

Target-actual comparison

Direct comparison of the target and actual contour by overlaying saved cutting edge patterns with the live image of the new tool

Face and circumference area

Inspections in the face and circumference area in a matter of seconds, including automatic and user-independent edge detection

Large zoom levels

High-resolution camera systems with large zoom levels facilitate the analysis of the smallest surface details or the µm-accurate inspection of micro-geometries.

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