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MACHINES PROFILE (gearsolutions) 

A global leader in presetting, tool management, and measurement, Zoller is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions to challenges.

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»3Dcheck« Capture Workpieces and Tools in Complete Detail (Manufacturing News West) 

According to ZOLLER, 3D is the trend in measurimg technology. "A number of geometries can only be captured and evaluated in 3D, and they are also a lot closer to the construction drawings which are prepared in 3D", said a company spokesperson.

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Technology Meets Flexibility and Precision Requirements (Manufacturing News Northeast) 

A modern aircraft is a highly complex machine. The safety of passengers as well as the reliability and cost-effectiveness of an airline's flying operations depends on error-free functioning of the parts and perfect interactions. This is based on state-of-the-art technology on board - and behind the scenes.

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Taking off safely (fabricating & metalworking, Sept. 2014) 

By linking CAM software into an advanced tool presetting system, this airline manufacturing unit efficiently manages a large tooling database and machining simulation on highly complex aircraft parts to quickly respond to market changes.

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How Bosch Rexroth in Fountain Inn Pumps Up Manufacturing Cost Control (Werkzeug Technik) 

It its Fountain Inn, SC, plant, Bosch Rexroth produces many different axial piston hydraulic pumps and valve housings for its drive products for heavy equipment and agricultural applications. Controlling the cost of more than 900 different tool assemblies it uses is a major task.

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