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Here you will find current press reports about ZOLLER.

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»roboSet«: Measuring and Inspection Technology Features Full Automation (NORTHEAST MANUFACTURING NEWS) 

ZOLLER’s »roboSet« features a 6-axis articulated arm robot equipped with a sensor with ensitive forcemoment strain gage and two pneumatic parallel grippers at D 3-12 mm.

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Laboratory Application Takes on Shop Floor Environment (NORTHEAST MANUFACTURING NEWS) 

The new ZOLLER »pomSkpGo«, a portable desktop measuring machine especially designed for the measuring and preparation of cutting edges, takes a previously typical laboratory application to the shop floor. The carbon design allows for mobile use and is intended to provide precision and stability at the same time.

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»roboSet« - The Smart Automation Solution (CNC WEST) 

With ist new »roboSet«, first introduces at IMTS 2012, Zoller offers an efficient automation solution for companies with high tool throughput levels…

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Reality-Check to Avoid Collision (SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS, April 2013) 

ZOLLER’s newly developed softwaremodule »tool realityCheck« is designed to allow a fast and precise collision check to determine whether the scanned tool matches the tool originally used for the simulation. The tool’s real, actual contour is recorded while being rotated, thus simulating the actual machining process.

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New Reality-Check to Avoid Collision (CNC WEST) 

Especially in the tool and mold making industry a considerable amount of time passes between the creation of a NC program an the actual use of "real" tools in the machining center…

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