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Saw Blade Inspection (Manufacturing News) 

ZOLLER offers its »pomBasic« and »sawCheck« inspection machines. The ZOLLER inspection device »pomBasic« is a compact solution for universal tool inspection. The image processing software »pomSoft« measures any geometries of drills, milling cutters, countersinks - and now also saw blades. Read more in this press release from Manufacturing News!

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Tool Management: Start Small - Grow Big (Manufacturing Engineering) 

Tool management is a topic for every production facility. However, the first step is invariably the hardest. To begin with, this requires a big investment in terms of time and money, even though the rewards then arrive rapidly. What many do not know is this: When a ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring device is in operation, you can start work immediately on building up a tool database - an essential requirement for the introduction of a tool management software and for Industry 4.0 processes.

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What do ZOLLER and a simple gear have in common? Both are proven in use and high efficiency. (Gear Solutions) 

By presenting spiral face gears with an involute tooth line and an identical tooth profile in the normal section at any given radius, two applications are made possible for such face gears. Gears have existed for over 2000 years and are an indispensable part of today's technology. Whether in the car, in a pinwheel, or a movement – a gear is used in many ways.

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MACHINES PROFILE (gearsolutions) 

A global leader in presetting, tool management, and measurement, Zoller is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions to challenges.

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»3Dcheck« Capture Workpieces and Tools in Complete Detail (Manufacturing News West) 

According to ZOLLER, 3D is the trend in measurimg technology. "A number of geometries can only be captured and evaluated in 3D, and they are also a lot closer to the construction drawings which are prepared in 3D", said a company spokesperson.

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