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❄ VIDEO ❄ Seasons Greetings 2018 

This holiday season, we at ZOLLER Inc. would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all that we’ve experienced and achieved together in 2018.
We wish you a peaceful and happy holiday season, and we look forward to working with you in 2019, continuing to bring you efficiency solutions and the best in tool presetting and measuring, tool inspection, TMS Tool Management Solutions and Automation.
Please enjoy our brief holiday video and have a happy holiday season!
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❄ VIDEO ❄ Seasons Greetings 2017 

As 2017 draws to a close, from the bottoms of our hearts, we wish you a peaceful Christmas season and a good start to the new year with luck and success in all your projects and plans! Thank you for challenging us in 2017 — we measure nearly everything, even incoming Christmas jobs! With that, we hope you enjoy our Christmas video!
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There’s More to Discover! Utilize Your Manufacturing Potential Now and Stay Ahead 

Digitization is the path to networked, reliable manufacturing — and with ZOLLER, it's easier to achieve than you might think. You can either select the right device from our current smart factory product portfolio, or we can retrofit your existing ZOLLER devices. With ZOLLER products, a connection to the future is always included, no matter when they were made. Experience the pulse oft the future with our VR App!
Check out our user video “Good parts faster” (https://youtu.be/_0HtZupZFE4) to...
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The New ZOLLER »venturion 450« Is Here! 

The future of production is at hand. The new ZOLLER »venturion 450« not only impresses with its new, ergonomic »eQ« single-hand operating device and a striking new look, but it also offers everything you need for the networked manufacturing of the future!
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Smart Solutions for Digital Manufacturing 

Call it Industry 4.0 or call it Digital Manufacturing — no matter which term you use the future will be a more networked one. ZOLLER, with 75 years of global manufacturing solutions experience, and celebrating 20 years in the US, offers solutions for networked manufacturing, from digital tool management to ready-for-Industry 4.0 presetters.
Read more about manufacturing solutions that put you a step ahead!
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❄ VIDEO ❄ Seasons Greetings 2016 

The year is drawing to a close, and we would like to say thanks for the trust you have shown us and for your positive collaboration.
From the bottoms of our hearts, we wish you a peaceful Christmas season, a good start to the new year, luck and success in all your projects and plans — and that your gifts arrive safe and on time!
And with that, we hope you enjoy our Christmas video!
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Special Offer: Lowered Production Costs Can Be Yours 

Exciting news from ZOLLER! To ensure tooling control at point of use, we offer you a new tool management solution — the Tool Organizer Bundle, perfect for presetters with »pilot 3.0« image processing. This bundle can be included with the purchase of a new ZOLLER presetter or as an add-on to any current presetter with a »pilot 3.0« controller. All this is available at one low price that includes the software, tool organizer, shipping, installation, and one day of training.
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45% Time Savings and Secure Data Transfer to the Machine 

Would you like to securely transfer your tool data from the presetter to the machine, and experience a 45% time reduction in data input? Just watch this video Simple Solutions for Data Transmission with »zidCode« to see how!

Read more about your untapped potential for quick, secure tool exchanges in this newsletter, including additional options for secure data transmission to the machine, enormous time savings using the Turning Advisor software function, and more transparency in tool data...
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This is how Industry 4.0 Reaches Your Production Facility! 

Networked, intelligent production processes that extend our competitive lead – that is the goal of Industry 4.0.

What can you do to best prepare for this, and which ZOLLER solutions should you implement in your production facility today? Watch our video and read more here.
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New software functions – new options! 

ready for new challenges! The new software version 1.15 provides you with a vast array of options. For example:

professional entry-level to cost-effective tool presetting with the new »pilot 1.0« image processing;
the 'Turning Advisor' for genuine time savings during turning and milling machining operations;
more options for the precise determination of tool contours with the »contur« measurement program.
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