ZOLLER Presetting and Measuring Machines

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We guarantee maximum availability of your systems, promote the efficiency and quality of your products and offer you an extensive services to achieve this. We offer training, repair and maintenance services with fast reaction times, as well as personal on-site consulting, to developing the perfectly tailored solution for your individual requirements. Choosing ZOLLER means you get excellent products as well as unique production know-how on your side. We are your partners, not just at the time of the sale, but throughout the entire life cycle of all ZOLLER products. Time and again our customers have confirmed this, with 94% giving us the best scores for extensive and quick service.

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Quality Control

ZOLLER measuring machines for inspecting and measuring tools are produced according to DIN EN IS0 9001 and therefore have to be tested at regular intervals. To ensure your ZOLLER machine measures repeatably precisely, ZOLLER provides various measurement instruments for quality control, which are based on national standards for inspection equipment.


Measuring Device Capability Test

Do you want to know exactly what level of precision your ZOLLER measuring machine measures your tools at and make sure that your workpieces parts are being manufacturing within tolerance? We help you prove what your machines produce thanks to the accuracy certificate, according to the Cg/Cgk, CMR and R & R procedures.  


Retrofitting and Upgrades

Do you want to upgrade your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine to the latest technology or software version? Whether it’s software or hardware upgrades, we look forward to your request: Thanks to the modular design of ZOLLER measuring machines, we can upgrade almost any machine to its latest and greatest form.



In the event that you need a repair of a service, specially trained ZOLLER service engineers are therefore for you around the world - even if repairs are to machines that you have been using for more than 30 years. Simply give us a call. One of our service employees will help you:

+1 (734) 887-0480

All ZOLLER branches around the world also have spare parts in stock to help provide faster reaction times and get your machine up and running as quickly as possible.