The Robust Compartment Machine

for Transparent Output of Your Items PDF download
  • Smart
    Direct interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions Software
  • Varied
    Suitable for storing manual and electric tools, inspection materials, tool boxes or even accessories and more
  • Easy
    Fast locating thanks to graphic 3D display of the storage locations in the software
  • Flexible
    Freely configurable with seven different compartment sizes

For a transparent output and clear stock control of your tool components and accessories.

  Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight Connection values
»locker« 1930 mm x 1115 mm x 535 mm 315 kg (incl. transport pallet) 230 V / 50 Hz / < 1 KVA
Note. Ge: 10.8.17- technical data taken from flyer (standard configuration) because this tab is too complicated in the new text

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The ZOLLER »locker«, together with ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions software, is the ideal solutions for storage and output of manual and power tools, inspection equipment and other consumables and used items. Thanks to the matching combination of this storage system with TMS Tool Management Solutions software, you have the location and user of the respective object you are viewing at all times, giving you total control over your inventory. This cabinet can be fitted with seven different compartment sizes to fir your requirements. Removals can be 100% tracked and analyzed thanks to seamless documentation in the item statistics module of user, time and quantity.

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