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Tool Management: Is getting started difficult? Not with us! 

Is getting started always difficult - or perhaps it is not? Getting started is sometimes difficult! Not with ZOLLER – thanks to the modular design of our software you can start small and build up to something bigger! Read this newsletter to find how you can already use your tool presetting device to store tool data; simply engage in systematic tool management, and extend it step by step. Getting started is worth your while – guaranteed!

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Look on the sunny side of our production process 

Stay relaxed throughout the production process – from the drawing to the finished part!

In this Newsletter, you will read just how simple tool measurement can be and how ZOLLER solutions can be integrated in your production process without any great complexity. Watch this video to see how ZOLLER solutions pay for themselves twice over – presetting and measuring instrument combined with efficient tool management.

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Reach your goal: fast and easy! 

Staying ahead of the curve keeps you in front! Next to easy operation and precision, ZOLLER tool presetting, measuring and inspection machines primarily stand for speed. The principle of speed is demonstrated in perfection during measuring with the »pomBasic« – simply watch the new video and read our current user report....


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Tool Management "to go": mobile access to tool data 

Tool data "to go" – yet another step in direction of smart industrial solutions in practice: this newsletter tells you how you can manage your tool data with the new TMS-App - from anywhere and at any time.

An overview on all current options with the TMS Tool Management Solutions is available in our new brochure.

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