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ZOLLER - Seasons Greetings 

We wish you a wonderful holiday season with happiness, health and prosperity throughout the coming year.

All of us at ZOLLER wish to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty during the past year, and we look forward to a partnership of continued success in 2014.

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ZOLLER News: CHECK THE SAVINGS! Smart solutions pay for themselves 

Well worth checking! From the very first machine, our case study of a sub-contractor for prototypes and small production runs - what the first case study proves.The second case study demonstrates that professional tool management can release genuine capacities for product innovations.

Every ZOLLER solution focuses consistently on efficiency. This includes the new management of measuring devices or our innovative automation solution for the smart factory of the future.

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ZOLLER News: Update on innovations and proven products! 

"Intelligence in production" – this was the motto of this year's EMO. ZOLLER presented over twenty innovations on this subject, two of which we would like to showcase in this newsletter: the future of modern tool data management and new products from the »pom«-series for tool inspection.

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Tool Management: organized forever – certainly pays! 

Machines are generally the focus when discussing the optimization of set-up times and tool life. Tool management often ranges a distant second. An expensive complacency - especially since it has been proven that getting tool cabinets organized pays dividends! Read the user report GMN to find out how to increase machine running time and save on tool costs.

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Software Update 1.12: Profit from new and useful features! 

Seek and you shall find? This idiom is a thing of the past with the new 1.12 version of our TMS Tool Management Systems. Transparent content management provides an overview of your tools anytime and anywhere.

The new version 1.12 and the corresponding image processing software »pilot 3.0« are now available – allowing you to immediately benefit from a multitude of new and useful features.

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ZOLLER & SANDVIK: New challenges - new tools - new measurement solutions! 

Every day, manufacturers and users alike are faced with new challenges, including tool innovations for new solutions in tool and measuring technology as well as quality assurance. In 2012, SANDVIK Coromant extended its product portfolio with solutions for form milling cutters. Before then, no adequate measuring technology was available on the market. And since ZOLLER is well known for finding measuring solutions for virtually any type or size of tool, both companies decided to combine their...

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ZOLLER News: Measuring Technology Product Portfolio Expanded! 

What once started at ZOLLER with presetting tools and developed further to Tool Presetters and Measuring Machines with inspection options has now become a full-fledged product portfolio for tool measuring technology that is used worldwide and across all industry sectors.

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ZOLLER News: the "Swiss army knife" among the presetting and measuring machines 

First class, long-lasting products with well thought-out operability and guaranteed cost-efficiency – that is our promise. We strive to develop and implement the best possible solution for our customers with each and every project.

Positive customer feedback and outstanding ratings during our recent ISO audit both equally confirm and encourage us in our approach.

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ZOLLER News: Products that pay off! 

Full automation, compensation and efficiency – read the latest news on how ZOLLER products help you tune your tools with your machines. Make sure to always use the best tool and have the correct data at hand at each step of the manufacturing process.

ZOLLER keeps your machines running at all times – we will continue to make sure of that in 2013!

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