VAT Vakuumventile AG: Strong partners for zero defect production

VAT, an internationally operating Swiss company and market leader in vacuum valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industry, has been manufacturing in accordance with the zero defect principle for years. This requires unconditional quality - across the entire value chain. And makes ZOLLER a valued partner with its technologically leading, one hundred percent reli able and highly accurate presetting and measuring machines.

Perfection in all areas of business is important to secure market leadership - and this also applies to metal cutting operations. To attain this goal you need the right partners during all stag es of manufacturing. Zero defects is the governing principle, absolutely reliable technology essential.

Measuring highly complex tools independent of operator 
Setting up a new milling and turning center at VAT's Haag, Sennewald (Switzerland) location pr ovided the opportunity of looking for a suitable measuring solution to successfully support the zero defect philosophy in production. The challenge consisted in measuring and inspecting highly complex tools independent of operators. "As far as we were conc erned, ZOLLER was the only option worth considering to ensure reliable and error -free measurement including large tools", state Urs Roduner, Tool Coach and Tool Procurement at VAT. The center height measuring camera attached to the optical carrier base of the »venturion 450/8« measures the cutting edge. The optics move directly to the cutting edge to measure or preset the center height. "Only ZOLLER can handle these tools, which can be up to 350 mm in diameter and weigh up to 26 kg", says Urs Roduner.

»ace« spindle guarantees a change accuracy of 0.001 mm 
Here, the ZOLLER »ace« spindle is unrivalled. It delivers power - operated tool clamping like in the machine - which results in extremely easy changing of tool holding fixtures (tool posts), absolutely free from backlash and with a guaranteed changing accuracy of 0.001 mm. 

One hundred percent reliability 
Meanwhile two further tool presetter and measuring machines of the modular »venturion« premium class are employed in serial production as well as t he new factory in Penang in Malaysia.

The main advantages over all fields of application according to Urs Roduner, are the safety and reliability of the ZOLLER machines: "No matter which age, nationality or education level, no matter who works the machine; I can rely on the results one hundred percent." The image processing system »pilot 3.0« is like no other measuring machine software: self -explanatory, homogenous and operator -friendly design throughout.

In concrete terms, ZOLLER supports zero defect pr oduction through operator -independent measuring, automatic tolerance checking of all parameters during the measuring process, as well as control -adequate output of data directly to the machines via RFID technology.

During serial production, some 300 tools are measured daily and provided to 30 different machines, in other words, the »venturion« tool presetter and measuring machine is in constant operation. Some 60 tools are required for a single order. The prime advantage here, is that ZOLLER has optimized the entire measuring process to a maximum of two minutes - for complex multi- stage or multi -insert tools. Owing to the CNC -controlled, operator -independent system, the measuring process is now considerably faster.

One hundred percent consistent data 
Errors due to manual data transfer are now excluded from this manufacturing step and the paperwork has become obsolete. The tool data are correct, and it is ensured that the right tools are in the machine. This ensures that machine crashes on the tool side ar e now a thing of the past.

All data, including those conveyed to programming, are error -free. "This way we no longer have any incorrectly labeled tools. If ZOLLER gives the green light, then that's a fact", says Urs Roduner.

VAT has the ambition of stay ing market leader in a clearly defined niche and thus feels obliged to be seen as innovation leader. This is why VAT manufactures according to the latest standards and with state of the art solutions. "With ZOLLER we have a strong partner in the field of presetting and measuring tools", confirms Urs Roduner. For 20 years, ZOLLER has been successfully represented by the Springmann company in Switzerland and they also provide VAT with advice and service. The Springmann service is trained regularly in the ZO LLER head offices.

VAT Vakuumventile AG 
VAT Vakuumventile AG (vacuum valves) is an internationally operating Swiss company based in the Sennwald District in the Canton of St. Gallen. The company is active in the development, manufacturing and sales of vacuum valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industry as well as for research. VAT is a worldwide synonym for vacuum sliding valves, especially in Anglo-Saxon regions.