ZOLLER Presetting and Measuring Machines

ZOLLER products in practice

Good references are the best argument. Here you will find user reports of customers regardless of across various sizes and industry sectors. The user reports describe the real life applications of ZOLLER products in use.

SIM Automation GmbH, Germany: Enormous Savings in Production Process Thanks to Tool Management Solution 

By implementing smart tool management solutions by ZOLLER, which provides interfaces to a variety of software providers and machines, SIM Automation GmbH in Heilbad Heiligenstadt has enjoyed six figure savings and established data consistency across its entire production process.

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ROT measures individual diamond tools in standard processes with ZOLLER 

Diamond tools are a specialty of the ROT company – Reiner Oehlmann Tools from the Lower Saxon town of Celle in Germany – especially for industrial grinding tasks. In addition to extremely high precision with tolerances of just a few micrometers, completing batches of just a single tool is a major challenge – especially in light of the market’s demand for a good price/performance ratio.

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H.P. Kaysser GmbH: Tool Data Transparency and Improved Setup Times 

With a central set-up station and new tool management system, H.P. Kaysser ensures transparent tool storage and smooth production processes

Automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology, computer industry, food technology... companies in these and more than 30 other industries have one thing in common – they all use H.P. Kaysser GmbH + Co. KG as a provider of sheet metal components. H.P. Kaysser’s contracts are just as diverse as its customers. The company's production processes have...

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ProProTec: Efficiency Booster Double Pack 

Consistent operating concept and high precision provide better economic efficiency.

Process, production, technology – these are the terms behind the company name ProProTec Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG. This company, located in Memmingen, Germany, manufactures cutting tools made of solid carbide and precision components used in machine construction. Its moulding or precision finishing tools, indexable inserts, machine components, and specialized ring gauges are used in automotive,...

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ANDEAS STIHL: Tool management in prototype construction at STIHL 

For 90 years, STIHL has been serving its customers as the world’s leading manufacturer of chainsaws and power tools for forestry and agriculture, landscaping, and construction. The company's development knowledge is concentrated at its corporate headquarters in Waiblingen. STIHL has trusted ZOLLER for over ten years with presetting and measuring processing tools in its test part service, the prototype construction service of the development center. For five years, STIHL has also been working...

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FRAISA SA: Measuring device allows speedy multi-tasking 

Measuring tools can be a time-consuming task which cannot be neglected without compromising the quality of a company's products. A Swiss toolmaker is using a new machine said to combine speed, precision abd being able to perform several functions at the same time.

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GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG: "Clean-up week" in the tool cabinet 

Optimization of set-up times and tool life are objectives in any manufacturing operation. This usually focuses on machines, less often on lacking organization of tools. The GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG in Nuremberg, Germany, has created order in its tool management by introducing a ZOLLER solution, consisting of a tool presetter machine and the TMS Tool Management Solutions, a solution which has paid off: search times and corresponding longer machine operating times have been reduced,...

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Sandvik Coromant: Moving up a gear thanks to combined expertise  

Promising growth potential has been forecast for large gears over the next years. This creates a demand for intelligent tool concepts. SANDVIK Coromant, world market leader for tool solutions in the metalprocessing industry, and ZOLLER, innovation leader in the field of tool measuring technology, have combined their expertise in a joint development project. The result is a unique technological solution with a true value-add for the user.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG: One for all  

Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach (Germany), since 1969 part of Manufacturing Service of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, manufactures a truly diverse spectrum of parts at its facility in the Bavarian Forest. Besides manufacturing for the parent company, the factory also serves as service partner for the contract manufacturing of mechanical and electrical components. ZOLLER is present with a total of eight presetting and measuring machines in the areas of tool and mold making, the manufacturing of...

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VAT Vakuumventile AG: Strong partners for zero defect production 

VAT, an internationally operating Swiss company and market leader in vacuum valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industry, has been manufacturing in accordance with the zero defect principle for years. This requires unconditional quality - across the entire value chain. And makes ZOLLER a valued partner with its technologically leading, one hundred percent reli able and highly accurate presetting and measuring machines.

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