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BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD — TMS Tool Management Solutions

Software Paket-BRONZE ZOLLER

Tool Management

BRONZE, the ideal software package
for small and medium-sized companies

The scope of functions offered in the BRONZE package allows you to organize your single components, complete tools, setup sheets and accessories efficiently. All complete tools and single components are recorded, created and managed in one central location. Numerous interfaces allow connections to CAM systems.

  • One-off data input into the central z.One tool database
  • Setup sheets with clear tool definitions and component graphics
  • Time savings in the CAM and tooling process through clear component and tool definitions
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BRONZE package software module

Tool data under control with the BRONZE App

Access all tool data at any time with your mobile device

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Single Component Management

Module for the installation of your individual components

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Managing Complete Tools

The tool data management function ensures the smooth provision of all tools required in the manufacturing process

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Managing Setup Sheets

Easily manage and forward setup sheets

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Data import/export

Platform independent import and export. Export all your data in XML format to and from the ZOLLER z.One tool database

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Import Option Cloud

Import your tool data into the z.One tool database with a single click

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Catalog Import of Tool Data

Imports tool data from many well-known manufacturers (e.g. CIMSOURCE and GTDE) and can thus quickly provide 2D/3D graphics, features and technology data

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KROMI Interface

For fully automatic data transfer of individual components from the KROMI system

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Technological data and article characteristics

Central and intelligent management of technology data and characteristics of your individual components and complete tools

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Article characteristic bar according to DIN 4000

Standard-compliant definition of your individual components

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Automatic generation of the envelope contours from article characteristics

Automatically generate 2D drawings and 3D contours

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Integration measuring machine

Use of all functionalities of the TMS Tool Management Solutions software packages also on your ZOLLER device

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USB camera

Capture tool photos directly at the workplace

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Communicate with interfaces in the network on http basis

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Software Paket SILVER ZOLLER

Warehouse Management

SILVER, For Efficient Management of Your Stock


With the SILVER Package from ZOLLER, your tools are in the right place every time - efficient warehouse management is guaranteed. You can also use this software package to manage all your operating equipment, such as measurement instruments, devices and NC program

  • Systematic management of single components and complete tools
  • Integrated circulation control of all available tools
  • Hit-Flop list - for optimum stock controls
  • Tool monitoring - for quality control and wear analysis


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SILVER package software module

Warehouse Interfaces

Direct connection to various storage systems

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Warehouse Management to go

Tool and Storage location management in your production at all times, regardless of location, in the W-LAN network

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Storage Location Management

Complete tools, single components and accessories always at a glance

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»quickPick« Warehouse Management

Simple and fast storage and retrieval of individual components, complete tools, test equipment, fixtures, orders and accessories

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Inspection Equipment Management

This module manages all your measuring and test equipment to the setup sheet and monitors calibration intervals

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Device Management

Contemporary management of your setup sheet devices

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NC Program Management

Simple administration of your NC programs

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Item Statistics

Provides an overview of the current cost situation in your tooling system

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Software Paket GOLD ZOLLER

Production Organization

GOLD, for the organized management of your tool data


The GOLD package from ZOLLER maximizes the efficiency of your tool data management. You get full cost control and transparency of your tools throughout the entire process chain. Having statistical data at your fingertips about your individual tools and production orders enable you to control and analyze your costs, and ensure you make decisions based on facts and not on assumptions.

  • Seamless organization of tool data
  • Full cost control, transparency and efficiency
  • Systematic management of your production orders and setup sheets
  • Integrated tool life management features
  • Optional integration of order management, including supplier management
  • Seamless procedures in the production process
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GOLD package software module

Tool Lives to Hand, Always and Everywhere

Tool and storage location management, tool life management and ordering always and everywhere in the W-LAN network

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Parts Management

Software module "parts management" for an optimal overview of your components and products

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Order Management

For the practice-oriented and reliable ordering system

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Tool exchange list »cetus«

The tool requirement optimization "cetus" creates the complete allocation plan of your CNC machines and calculates the net tool requirement for each individual machine on the basis of the booked set-up sheets

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Statistics Module

For graphical evaluation and management of measured values and data sets

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Tool Life Management

For tool life management with integrated statistics function (e.g. optimum monitoring of tools and storing reasons for tool changes)

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Tool Monitoring »flash« (optional)

The analysis software "flash" enables effective tool management and economical organization of cutting tools

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Regrinding Process Cycle to maintain consistency

For transparent processing of the re-sharpening processes

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Cost Per Part (optional)

With this module, you have an overview of the service life of your tools, the reasons for changing them and the costs per component at the click of a mouse

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One central database for all tool data

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Warehouse management with ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions