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Data Transfer
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Data communication between individual elements of production forms the basis for what we know today as Industry 4.0

Today, there are many available options for securely and quickly transferring data from your tool presetter to your CNC machine.

With ZOLLER, you can already securely transfer tool data to your CNC machine(s) no matter the manufacturer: Via RFID chip, post-processor (DNC system, Distributed Numerical Control), or even through higher level manufacturing control systems. One simple yet highly effective option is encryption of actual data in a data matrix code, which is scanned in on the label with a reader connected to the CNC machine controller.

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The efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer


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Fast way to the tool identification and data transfer


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Post Processor

Data output with DNC system prepared in a controller compatible manner


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DataMatrix Code

Safe, quick and guaranteed error-free data transfer to your CNC machine


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