The Compact Measurement Specialist

for Tactile Measuring of Facing Cutters Request now PDF download
  •  Suitable for the work shop
    Robust storage space for facing cutters directly next to the CNC machine
  • Time-saving
    Manual horizontal and vertical axis with quick and fine setting
  • Simple
    Quick, precise and simple measurement without much training required

Centering attachment for holding facing cutters

Measuring sensor for tactile inspection of axial cutting heads

Hand wheels for quick and fine setting, dial gage and dial gage holder with adjustment handle

  Travel range Z axis Travel range X axis Tool Ø Tool height
»millSet« 200 mm 200 mm 100 – 400 mm 50 – 200 mm

The storage place appropriate for the shop floor for facing cutters

ZOLLER »millSet« is the robust storage place for facing cutters that is appropriate for the shop floor, and can be placed directly next to the CNC machine.

It is designed for use in the middle of manufacturing. Fitted with a pneumatic switch for axis release and spindle brake, the axial runout of facing cutters can be tested and preset manually and tactilely with the dial gage. Simple and safe use for quick procedures — that's the ZOLLER »millSet«.

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