»pilot 2 mT«

Modern touchscreen technology

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  • Intuitive
    Fast and easy operation, without extensive training required
  • Individual
    Simple, personalized use
  • Precise
    Fast and precise presetting and measuring of all kinds of cutting tools
  • Clear
    Clear structure without pop-ups and sub-menus, self-explanatory function buttons

Slide function

Drag and Drop function

Automatic cutting edge form recognition

Cutting Edge Inspection

Navigation system »compass«

Standard programs

Graphic management

Adapter Management

Innovative image processing with modern touch function

The modern ZOLLER myTouch user technology »pilot 2 mT« continues the proven success of the innovative image processing software from ZOLLER. The modern touch function impresses not only for its intuitive handling, but also for its customizable settings. Users can quickly and easily move individual windows with swiping motions. Each user can also arrange display dialogs on the main screen in custom order, and arrange them differently for specific measuring tasks.

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