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Why preset and

Better Productivity

Shorter fitting times - better machine run times. For your machine produces, while you get the next tool ready to start and preset it to µm accuracy.


To the presetting & measuring machines

Better Quality

Fewer rejects - more good parts: Thanks to correctly preset tools, you will produce the very first part in top quality, and tool-related machine crashes are ruled out.

Longer Tool Life

They produce with their tool until the end of the tool life and thus do not risk any rejects - thanks to regular review of the cutting quality.

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With the right settings,
you simply go farther

Presetting and measuring machines from ZOLLER solve many challenges simultaneously. They minimize fitting times, prevent tool rejection and prevent machine crashes.

They are extremely easy, secure and convenient to use: as a result of the intuitive user interface with automatic tool-cutter identification; as a result of the single-hand operating device for each carriage alignment; and as a result of the membrane keypad for power-activated spindle clamping and spindle arresting.

The direct transmission of the tool data, with the input errors of the past, is possible with all devices of course.

Schedule for the desired device

Thanks to the modular design of our measuring machines we are always able to offer the suitable solution for your individual requirements. For the perfect "As if made for you" tool presetter, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

Which tools should be measured and preset?

Which specific parameters/geometry should be measured?


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Where should the presetter be positioned - directly next to the CNC machine or in the tool room?

How should the tools be measured - manually or fully automatically?


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Data to the Machine
and Produce Parts

We offer many secure data transfer options from the presetter to the machine - whether for SMEs or large companies, whether the Heller, Index or other machine manufacturers.

You always profit, whichever option you choose:

  • No input errors thanks to data transfer by mouse click
  • Fewer rejects, good part from batch size 1
  • Machine crashes are ruled out


You Advantage Easily Explained:
ToolStory Video

Why present and measure with ZOLLER?

We do not want to preempt ToolMax too much. You can seen for yourself in the video why it is better to measure using a presetting and measuring machine than in the old-fashioned way, and which important role precision and digitalization play!

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Video: "toolstory 1" Tool Managment