Image Processing Software »pilot 4.0«

Modern design and even more features: The software for all-inclusive tool measurement

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  • Leading the way
    Software for setting, measuring, testing and managing tools that is unrivalled worldwide in terms of both scope and performance
  • Simple & fast
    The self-explanatory user interface leads faster than ever to success - thanks to customizable and adaptable DeepL access and large click and touch areas
  • Modern & efficient
    The modern design ensures ease of use and leads to even better performance and efficiency due  to its simple, fast operation
  • Repeat accuracy
    Operator-independent, consistent precise results thanks to the optimal interaction between the optical interface,  image processing and software

Cutting edge images with a previously unattained sharpness and precision. For incomparably precise measuring results

Customizable widgets, larger click and touch areas, state-of-the-art design

So that it runs smoothly in your production!

The only pilot for your journey into the future »pilot 4.0«

Since 2006, the ZOLLER measuring device software »pilot« has been convincing like no other with its intuitive software interface, numerous functions and features and openness to third-party systems. With »pilot 4.0« we have not revolutionized our award-winning software »pilot 3.0«, but have done what really matters: we have brought it into line with the future.

The self-explanatory interface can be easily adapted to the user's needs by means of color coding, setting favorites and grouping functions in the interface:

  • Adaptable widgets, larger click and touch areas and a quick scrolling bar enables faster operation
  • Consistent design across all ZOLLER systems
  • The evolution of »pilot 4.0« ensures that users of the prior versions of the software can quickly get up to speed with this latest version.

Want an upgrade?

Are you already using "pilot 3.0" software on your ZOLLER tool measuring machine  and would like to benefit from the new features and  advantages of "pilot 4.0" software? No problem!

Please do not hesitate to contact us  by phone or send an email to pilot4upgrade@zoller.info to request a quotation for an upgrade to this latest version of our software, that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

The secure connection to the future


With ZOLLER you’ll always be a step ahead – even when it comes to Industry 4.0. We are actively shaping the digital revolution with our hardware and software solutions, which meet the requirements for networking, digitalization and scalability.  ZOLLER solutions can be networked with other systems, and be fully integrated into existing production processes, to ensure you can meet all the challenges the future might bring!

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