January 08, 2016
Get started - it is so easy!

You may have a large number of tools in service, but may not have recorded any data for them? Even if a small amount of manual work remains to be done – a great deal of data information can be imported quickly from the Cloud, saving time. This enables you to load data directly to your database, or to do so in the form of an import file, from the portals of the MachiningCloud, from NOVO or from ToolsUnited. Also, component data can be downloaded from e-shops, such as ...

December 18, 2015
»pomBasic« again extended by another application!

The ZOLLER inspection device »pomBasic« is the compact solution for a universal tool inspection – no matter which measuring parameters you would like to measure, the image processing software »pomSoft« measures any geometries of drills, milling cutters, countersinks – and now also saw blades! Thanks to a specially developed holding fixture and a 90° vertical and horizontal swivel axis, all ...