October 01, 2015
ZOLLER Inc. @WMTS in West Allis, October 06 - 08, 2015!

Experience live how to produce each batch efficiently, profitably, on time and with perfect quality with the ZOLLER tool presetter »smile«. Or put the ZOLLER »venturion« to the test, which combines outstanding and unique human engineering with maximum flexibility and precision. With »pomBasic«, the compact tool inspection solution, ZOLLER opens new options right where you need them, on the shop floor in the middle of your production facility. Linking the tool presetter to our high performance tool management...

September 30, 2015
We get into gear at GearExpo 2015, October 20-22!

We kindly invite you to visit us on our booth 2151 at GearExpo in Detroit. Experience live the universal measuring machine »hobCheck« for fully automated and economical complete measurement and inspection of cylindrical hob cutters, quick and easy to use. With the user-friendly image processing »pilot 3.0« complete measurements as well as re-measurements of individual parameters are easily implemented by anyone. Additionally, the measurement results are automatically recorded in accordance with DIN 3968. For process-oriented measurement of edge roundings ...