March 23, 2017
ZOLLER @ MTA: 4 - 7 April 2017, Hall 3 D1-06

Visit ZOLLER India at MTA 2017! Experience our products for tool presetting, measuring, inspection live at our booth hall 3 D1-06: »smile« is easy to operate, manufactured exclusively from high quality branded components and equipped with all standard measuring functions for the professional presetting and measuring of metal cutting tools. »zidCode«, the efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer to the machine! Besides, ZOLLER presents high performance TMS Tool Management Solutions for greater efficiency in your manufacturing process!...

March 22, 2017
No more complaints thanks to »lasso«!

The »lasso« measuring program captures every contour of a rotationally symmetrical tool or tool geometry for contour measurement quickly and through a fully automated process! A graphic target-actual comparison is displayed after contours are captured. Documentation is produced fully automatically according to the target template. The tool is completely checked, results documented — and tool quality is guaranteed. In this video you can view application examples of how a fir tree cutter and plunge forming tool are measured, and ...