March 13, 2014
New series of Tool Management Workshops

ZOLLER India launches a series of tool management workshops in 2014 at various locations all over India. The Workshops focus on optimizing production processes by introducing a transparent tool inventory management with a centralized tool data base. This is the basis to reduce setup times, decrease tool costs, ensure economical manufacturing of even small batch sizes and maintain an overall high process security. They are free of charge and everyone interested in experiencing hands-on tool management solutions is welcome to sign up. See here for all events! ...

February 18, 2014
Seminar: Improving productivity in CNC Machining

Don´t miss the “Seminar on Improving productivity in CNC Machining thro' optimisation techniques” on 25 February 2014 at Bangalore. CNC machining can be fully optimized by implementing adaptive control systems, which continuously monitor cutting conditions in real time taking into account actual cutting conditions, tool wear, and workpiece material characteristics. Thus monitoring and optimization of the machining process results in significant reduction in cycle times as well as preventing damage to tools, parts, and machine.
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