March 26, 2015
Tool Management to go!

With the new ZOLLER App customers can now conveniently access tool data anytime and from anywhere. BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD - you find the right app for every software package in the app store. Master data, graphics, warehouse information and much more can be ...

March 24, 2015
Opens up new dimensions: »titan«

The new high-end measuring machine »titan« allows fully automated measurements including cutting edge preparation using one system. Five to seven CNC-driven axes of the ZOLLER »titan« measure every type of metal cutting tool with the highest precision from measuring the outer contours to operator-independent complete control through extensive documentation of the measured results. The ergonomic and easy operation of a measuring machine of this type offers an unbeatable advantage in terms of cost-efficiency and the quality of the micro-precise measurement of metal cutting tools. Read more here ...